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12 grapes or have a good life or another paracord use

What kind of title is that might you be asking.  12 grapes?? WTF??

The other day Amy, my wife, and I went to the store to buy a few things. You know groceries and stuff. When we finished we went to the front registers to pay for our items. For those of you that seem to have the sticky fingers, going through the registers and paying money is a part of the process. Well I digress.

As we were putting the items on the conveyor belt for the cashier to ring up when a woman walks behind the cashier and says that the registers are too long for her to wait and she hands the cashier a small handful of grapes on the vine. Now I don’t know about you but I never bring grapes to the counter without first putting them in a bag. But anyway. She sort of hands the cashier these grapes, like she wants her to put them back. The cashier just looks at the “grape lady” for a few awkward seconds. Then “Grape Lady”, asks if she can give us the money and we run the grapes through our order and she just pays us for them. Now I’m just looking at the “Grape Lady”. The cashier offers the lady and alternative if she doesn’t want to wait: go to the self-check out. There were no customers there so it seemed like a logical answer. The “Grape Lady” says that she doesn’t like those types of registers only likes to deal with people. The cashier reminds her that there is an attendant at the self checkout station. “Grape Lady”, begins shaking her head. After another few awkward seconds, the “Grape Lady” gets a bit impatient with all three of us and tells us to have a good life. Who does that?

Now I’ve been at a discount grocery store where a person forgets to add the grocery bags to their order and now that I’m ringing up behind them they ask if they might pay for the bags through my order, so they don’t have to go to the back of the line. No Problem…but grapes. Was she planning on making some golden raisans or something? As I said before who does that? And who tells you to have a nice life. A nice day, a nice week or weekend but have a nice life. I took it that she was giving us the proverbial middle finger. Well for the “Grape Lady”, I’m afraid she can read between the lines. All of you Jack Black, “School of Rock” fans know what I’m talking about. Anyway this gave me an idea for another use for a small amount of paracord. Wink, Wink. I won’t say what idea since I always try to be a gentleman. Let’s just leave this one to the imagination.

Until next time Constant Reader. And pass the grapes.

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