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A couple interesting happenings on the way to 1000 items sold

This wasn’t released back in 2015, but it’s a good read to reminisce so I decided to post it.

Since the beginning I’ve been keeping track of the number of items that we’ve sold, either via our site here, our Etsy store or at trade shows and to personal friends an family. I wrote here what the experience of hitting 500 items sold was like. We commemorated that moment and I was looking forward to doing the same for our 1000th item sold.

So we were chugging along making sales here and there. Meeting new people and serving them to best of our ability when lo an behold around St. Patrick’s Day 2015, I get an email from a lady, Michelle, asking if I might be able to make key fobs that they could give away or for a fundraiser. She said that they might need 350. Now that’s a big number.

I wrote her back and we worked out a discounted price for an order of that size. I sent the email off. Crickets. I didn’t hear anything for three weeks. I didn’t panic. I’ve had other people inquire about a large order from time to time and not get back with me. It’s the way of business. There is competition so perhaps they went to another supplier or found someone that is cheaper. I do my best not to worry about that too much as there is little I can do. I just do what I can to put out the best items possible and give the purchaser the best experience possible.

Let me go back a bit. Michelle ordered two bracelets from me around Thanksgiving of 2013. I believe her husband ordered another 2 around Christmas a month later. At the time we were running a special at our Etsy store on free shipping around the holidays. When she ordered, if I recall she wasn’t on our mailing list so she didn’t get the coupon code. I thought it was just the right thing to do and give her the shipping cost back. So when I shipped her bracelets I included the refund on the shipping. No big deal, but like I’d said it seemed like the right thing to do.

Back to 2015. Three weeks later, Michelle writes and says………………………..Oh wait. You’ll have to come back next time to find out what she said.

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