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A few revelations

Probably the biggest thing I learned; since my wife commented on the second day that they felt like third wheels. Whenever someone needed a bracelet made, I thought I would make some “preps” or partially made items, that we could work on at the stand. My kids and even my wife could practice making an item, and maybe even help me out and relieve a little of the pressure.

My daughter and I started making a few of the key chains that I had prepped, but something unique happened while we were making these and even some of the ordered bracelets: people wanted to watch. I think people thought we were selling bracelets that we bought. They really gravitated to seeing the items being made right in front of their eyes. I had to remind myself that this is making a form of ‘art’ and sometimes people like to see things be created from scratch. Why not benefit from that curiosity. Not all the people watching will buy something but it can be a good way to interact with folks.

We even found we could make items while standing and talking . This proved to be completely helpful, when we had orders for about 7 bracelets, to be made, while I would start the process, my daughter, Alyssia would continue working on them, allowing me to start on another. This system worked out much better than I expected and as I said earlier had the added benefit of giving something for people to watch.

This and a few other things, I want to talk over with the family after the event. Taking something from the law enforcement and military community, an after action report or debrief. Going over the event and the things that went well as well as the things that sucked big time.

Talk to you soon, Constant Reader.

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