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Hello everyone. My name is Jeffrey Washington and this is I hope this will be your place for anything paracord that can enhance your enjoyment of  life and all it has to offer. I would like  to tell you a bit about myself. As of this writing I have been married to my lovely wife Amy for 24 years. We have three wonderful children, Alyssia, Ashley and Jorden. I love reading, gardening, watching movies,  writing and of course all things paracord.

For the past 27 years I have been a police officer in my hometown of Flint, MI. As you can probably imagine over that time I’ve worked in many different areas of our department. From Community Policing to Narcotics and Vice, I’ve dabbled in many aspects of the profession. One thing that I’ve learned over the years, is that I really appreciate the men and women that have chosen this profession. I call them our heroes, not because I’ve done the job myself, but because voluntarily, so many of them have stepped up to take on the task of protecting our communities. It is a often times a thankless job that so many of them are passionate about and I’ve found this endeavor a small way to honor them.

I started out this business  as a way of offering some of my co-workers a way of showing pride and solidarity in our chosen profession of Law Enforcement. I put up a flyer in a couple places in our police station and was quite pleasantly surprised at the response. So many of my colleagues wanted the “Thin Blue Line”, bracelets, that at times it was overwhelming, in a good way of course. I didn’t realize just how gratifying it would be to see people I know and some that I didn’t yet know, wearing something that I made with my own two hands.

I know that there are other places you could have gone to look for items like these, but I am so honored that you chose to stop here. Our paracord products are second to none and we use only American Made, 550# test paracord, made from a military contractor. I make or inspect each and every item and make every effort to put out the best there is available, even if that means scrapping a project and starting over. Pride in exceptional craftsmanship is something I continually strive to achieve.

Our company is family owned and we pride ourselves with the best quality products and service bar none. I would be pleased if you take a chance on us and make a purchase. I don’t believe you will regret it one bit.


Jeffrey Washington

Man, Husband, Father, Son, Brother,  Police Officer, Entrepreneur, Gentleman.