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Angels helping here and there

As I said before, when I was explaining to him my idea, he stopped me. Now I’m a little worried because this is unchartered waters for me. What he suggested was even better. He said that instead of doing just that, why don’t I set up a table and sell the bracelets if anyone is interested right next to their bike trailer. As you can imagine I’m smiling on the inside and it’s creeping to the outside. 🙂

It has amazed me just how helpful so many have been with this endeavor. Showing their families and friends. Coming to me with other orders for bracelets. Giving suggestions. Help coming in all directions in so many ways. I’ve had multiple people buy 5,6, or more bracelets for all the people they know and are close with. It is really touching to get so much unsolicited help. It’s actually difficult to give a good enough thank you. A few people I’ve given a few bucks to buy them lunch or given them a small item like a key chain. It seems so insignificant, but I have to remember I am trying to build something here. I can’t give away the farm, but I do want those “Angels” to know their help is so appreciated.

To all those who have helped me as I climb the mountains in this business, I can’t tell you how much you mean to me. I appreciate you. Each of you and I won’t forget. I will do my best to honor your contribution and make this a success. Again…THANKYOU.

Back to the work at hand. We’ll talk again next time Constant Reader…see you then.

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