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Astonished is about the best way to describe it.

Between my co-workers and friends, close and distant family, I sold 100 paracord items in about 2 months. It’s so hard to describe the gratitude I’ve felt in this endeavor. I thought to commemorate a significant occasion I would recognize and honor the two people that gave me my start. I approached the very first customer and the very first officer with a letter. I told them that I was acknowledging, 100 paracord items being sold, by offering both of them a bracelet, made especially for them at no cost. They could pick any color combinations they wanted. Once I gave them the letter, I told them both I would give them a few days to think about what they wanted.

When I got back with them, they both made some great choices of color combinations. I told them that I would need a few days time to make their items. Unbeknownst to them I had a surprise in store. I had been experimenting with making a braided necklace and a key fob. I ordered some barrel connectors for the necklaces because I was worried that they would be a choking hazard with the standard buckle. After making the bracelets, I included matching necklaces and key fobs. They really turned out great. A picture of her set is on my Facebook page.  You can like me when you are there, wink wink. ;). Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of his before I gave it to him. It was the opposite of the “Thin Blue Line”, colonial blue with a black stripe. I like how they turned out so well, I couldn’t wait to give them their packages. More on this later.

I even asked one of the Sheriff’s deputies that I work closely with, if he would mind putting up one of my flyers in their break area. He said that he would. Within hours, many of them were asking to see the bracelets. Once they saw them, I’m pleased to say they liked the quality and wanted to purchase one.  A few days later, that same deputy I approached, called me and said he was dropping a copy of my flyer off at the County Jail and their were a couple guys that wanted one.

Tune in next time, Constant Reader, to see where this goes and what the reaction was when I presented the 100th commemoration packages.

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