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What did he say that astounded me? He said he was going to a conference that Saturday and would take a few along with him and try his best to sell them, if I wanted him to.

WOW. I didn’t expect that but I figured he must be going to Detroit or something, you know, not too far away. I found out later that the conference was in Seattle, WA. Once again, WOW. This means he would have to take the items in his luggage and fly on an airplane. Blows me away. Without even asking, I was shocked he made such a generous offer. I have to admit, I probably wouldn’t do that. That’s not very generous of me but I am being honest. Perhaps that is a lesson for me.

We text back and forth a couple more times, as I wanted to know how many he wanted to take. He said perhaps a dozen or so, or whatever I want to send with him. I decide on 12 of the Thin Red Line and 3 of the Police/Fire Dispatch, blue and red ones. I also sent along a couple of key chains.

Now mind you, I know this guy, but I don’t know this guy. Sure, we’ve been acquaintances for probably about the last 15 to 20 years, but I can’t say I know much more about him than his name and his type of profession and what car he drives. So with that, I’m taking a big chance, giving a couple hundred dollars in merchandise. The feeling I kept having, is what do I have to lose? Not too much. Sure, if he didn’t return the bracelets, that would definitely be an issue, but if he did and it went well, perhaps this can be a great relationship on a somewhat business level. So I took the chance.

Next time we’ll talk a bit more about what happened, Constant Reader.

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