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Bikes on the Bricks, the first day continues.

After we got set up, I was a bit exhausted. I didn’t know how everything would go, so I just try to relax and watch the practice by the officers. Then Jim Nelson, comes up. He is a motor officer from St. Paul, MN. He asks about the bracelets a bit and says he will be back in a bit to get something. Later on he even brought a plate of food from the tent that the officers were located. This guy was so generous he shocked me a bit. Maybe I’m somewhat jaded by working in Flint as a police officer for so long, but he astounded me with his kind demeanor. I looked upon it as a good sign that perhaps I was in the right place.

Throughout the day we made a few sales. Jim Nelson, bought 3 bracelets and we sold about 9 items in total. Come 4pm we began packing up as the officer’s were finishing up their day of practice. I felt a good sense of accomplishment, but I also had this lingering thought of what would the next day would bring. As I said before, the enormity of this whole thing, left me feeling inadequate. I even told my family that I was planning on doing the event on Saturday, but I felt like maybe I wasn’t ready for Sunday. While we were driving home, my wife began encouraging me to do the whole thing, Friday, Saturday and definitely Sunday. See it to the end, she said. Learn from it and move forward, she said. She planted a seed if nothing else. Now I’m back to doing something that puts fear in me.

As we drove home, I thought about it more and I believe she was correct. I shouldn’t fear what may come. Embrace the experience, heck it just may be a lot of fun.

Tune in next time to see how it unfolded, Constant Reader.


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