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Day 2 continues in earnest

Leading up to this event, I spent a lot of time making various bracelets and key chains. I was trying to have what I would presume most of the attendees would be interested in. This was fairly hard to do since I had never been to this event or liken myself to being a biker.

Each evening, when we would come home, I would have all these ideas of different bracelets, colorations and designs that might be popular. I found an interesting way to do this each evening as well. Recently I’ve been listening to a book, “The girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” Each night when I wanted to spend a little time making items, I would turn my iPod on with this book and wham. I would get lost in what I was doing and the book and later on would look up and find I had made quite a bit. So much so, that on Friday night my fingers were killing me. I hadn’t even realized it while I was working but my fingers were so sore. Part of the trade I guess. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, morning and evening I would work on what I thought would be popular and may sell.

It didn’t take long to realize that I had geared most of my items to police officers or people interested in police. I needed more biker type items and frankly things that little kids would like. There were several times that kids would pull their parents arm over to our stand and show them something they saw while passing by.

I’ll see you next entry, Constant Reader.

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