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Delivery Day

Now onto theĀ  first day I delivered a paracord item. I was quite nervous.

You know I’ve had three children with my wife, Amy. I’ve been in the delivery or birthing room when each of them took their first gander in this world of ours. Now I don’t liken having children to making a custom bracelet but it does have a few similarities.

  • Each has it’s own personality. Well sort of. Actually none are exactly alike. I digress.
  • You take your positive energy and enfuse it into the end product. Well I guess children aren’t products. Once again…I digress.
  • I had no idea how the new owner will like or dislike their item. I guess I have to digress again, because we don’t own children. Hmmmmm, moving on.

I guess all this ‘similar to the kids’ stuff is a bit strange, but if you’ve ever made something for someone else, you know what I mean. It’s just a little like a child being born.

I dropped off the bracelets. Well let me back up. I wanted to package it in some sort of way that would be better than re-using a plastic grocery bag. Solution=paper lunch sack. It’s crude and extremely Blue Collar, but I grew up in a Blue Collar General Motors town, so forgive me. The bag was a good size and I could write a short thank you not on the bag. I thought it gave a bit of a personal touch.

She really like them. She picked a red and black one to match her sister’s school colors and a neon pink color. I thought they looked nice and it was great that she agreed.


I’ll see you in the next entry, Constant Reader.

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