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Fish or cut bait

As I went through the cold winter months, oh yeah, the past winter wasn’t all that cold. Let’s start again. As I went through the cooler winter months, I many times spent a bit of brain power asking myself, should I, could I, would I? What was holding me back. Fear is the only answer I came up with. Fear of success, fear of failure, maybe both.

Around March of 2012, after what seemed like a long time, one of my colleagues, saw my bracelet and commented. I said that I made the bracelet and we talked for a few more minutes about paracord and survival bracelets. She then left my desk and went back to her office.

Now picture this. I’ve been wanting someone to ask me about this bracelet for six months or so and now that someone did, I smiled and that was it. I was beating myself up on the inside for not saying that I made the bracelet aaaaand I sell them. Actually I felt stupid for missing out on a possible opportunity. I made myself get up from my chair and go to this ladies office and tell her that I did in fact make the bracelet and was considering selling them. This is that proverbial fork in the road. If I go one direction, I’ll forever be disappointed in myself. If I go the other direction…who knows. Sort of like the blue and red pill thing in the Matrix.

When I told her, she was surprised. I was surprised that she was surprised and still interested.


Let’s pick this up on the next entry.

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