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Geared up High School football team Update

Perhaps you’ll recall back around Labor Day of 2013, when I posted about the order for 21 bracelets to a local high school football team. I wanted to give an update of how things went.

The day after I delivered the bracelets to the team I decided to go to their football game. It was only about 12 miles from home, so why not. I only watched the first quarter of the game but when I got there, the table where I purchased my ticket to enter the game had several items on it related to the team, sort of like fundraisers. They had  T-Shirts, stickers, mugs and guess what: some of the extra bracelets that I had delivered just a day prior. I was proud to see them there on the table. Felt real official.

Well it put a thought in my mind right then. They were obviously selling things for the benefit of the team, so maybe I could help out. I figured I could donate a few bracelets to them so they could sell them at the games and use the money for the team. Fast forward to a couple weeks later and I made about 6 bracelets in my small, medium and large sizes, packaged them all up and took them to their practice.

My second visit was unannounced so I had no idea if I would be able to speak to the coach or not. I waited around for a while to see the coach, but he didn’t come. I figured the guy probably has an outside job and couldn’t get away. Soooo what to do now. I saw a few ladies, who were obviously moms of some of the players, laying out a blanket so they could talk while waiting on the boys’ practice. I went over to them and they were very helpful. I told them what I wanted to do and they took the bracelets for me and and one of them said that she was in charge of the table and would definitely put them out for sale.

This post is the first time I’ve said anything to anyone about this other than my wife. This is not me bragging or boasting. This is just announcing a way to give back for my appreciation of their support for our business. Hopefully this will encourage others to consider doing the same.



As you can probably figure the Head Coach is the guy standing on the sidelines with his hands on his hips. As most coaches, he’s probably trying to figure why the guy’s aren’t executing a certain play like they did all week. 🙂


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