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Guess what I like listening to when I work on things online or on the computer.

I’m actually a fan of all types of music. R&B, Motown, heavy metal, rock, country, jazz, ambient, as you can see all types. It’s difficult for me to write or type and listen to spoken words so I don’t listen to audio books or something like that. I find that ambient and jazz are my favorites but recently a different favorite genre has come into the mix: dubstep. Yeah I know. How can a 45 year old black fella, be a big dubstep fan. Heck if I know, I just do. My first official experience with dubstep without even knowing it what it was s the Go Pro Video with the guy kayaking down the rapids. The soundtrack in the background is the song Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex.

I think this video came out during the 2011 or 2012 Superbowl and I liked it the first time I heard it. I looked up who the song was by and found the above name and artist. I thought this was rave music at first. Shows you just how little I knew. I’ve since learned it is DubStep and their is this entire culture attached to the genre. Now I don’t think I will become a dubstep dance artist or be seen walking around pop locking and moving like a robot. I just find the music interesting.

When I was doing the Brooksie way Half marathon a few weeks ago, a group of youngsters were playing some Skrillex at their water stand at mile 12. I was bopping to the beat, but I bet they would have been shocked if they knew, I knew, who they were listening to. It surprises me, I’m certain it would surprise them as well. Just goes to show me that I’m not done learning and experiencing different things.

I guess that is enough of that constant reader. I’ll be doing a little robot…exit stage left. Until next time.

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