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How this journey got started.

I used to see a few people wearing paracord bracelets and I really liked how they looked. I searched around on the internet and  I saw a few videos on YouTube about the process and like most found it a bit confusing. I’ve been trying to learn how to tie a few knots, since I never got past the Cub Scouts. I think it might have had something to do with being a husky sized kid living in the inner city who could only wear the Cub Scout shirt since they didn’t have any pants that would fit. I know you’re probably laughing but I don’t care. Moving on.

Although making a bracelet is confusing, I stuck with it after much trial and error and actually made a bracelet that I could wear. It was loose as hell and a little lopsided but I was proud. This was around the summer of 2011 and I wore my bracelet proudly.

I’ll pick up this story on the next one.

Talk to you soon.


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