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I got to meet Daymond John from hit ABC TV show “Shark Tank”

Well sort of. We were in the same room and I was just a few feet from him. Well maybe more than a few feet. It was more like 50 feet. Maybe you get my point.

He came to Flint to Mott Community College for the Lecture Series that they have periodically. Daymond John was the keynote speaker for the night and was thereĀ  to speak to our residents about his life story and business experiences. With starting this endeavor, I’ve realized there is so much to learn, so I was looking forward to going. He was quite interesting and hit on a lot of points that I believe can help me and others in our businesses.

My wife, Amy and I decided we wanted to go and asked our children if they would like to go as well. They tagged along and we made our way to the college. There was a real nice turn out and they even had to open the bleachers to allow for more seating of the overflow crowd.

He spoke on many topics and related allĀ  of them to his acronym:

S et Goals

H omework (Do your homework before starting in any endeavor)

A more (Love what you do)

R emember you are the brand

K eep Swimming (Keep moving forward and don’t stop)

I’m ashamed to say but I used the program to right notes and boy was I writing notes. I look forward to utilizing many of his suggestions

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