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I had to pull out the good samaritan card today

Today after I walked a couple miles, I went to the store to get some milk and orange juice. I went to a local Kroger store not far from our home. When I stoppedĀ  at the last main intersection, there was this guy walking across the street pushing a shopping cart. My first thought was where did he take this cart from. He was walking so quickly it looked a bit comical. I don’t know why I was so intrigued by the guy. Once I get to the store, I go inĀ  and look around for my items. My favorite yogurts were on sale so I got a bunch. Well I digress.

As I’m walking around the store I see the same guy that was pushing the shopping cart only now he doesn’t have a cart. He is just walking around the store like all the rest of us. I recognized him, but I kept going.

After I made my purchases and loaded up the van, I head to the street. Now this is one of those busy streets where I hate to turn left on to. It is almost impossible and seems to take forever. When I get to the front of the exit, a car pulls into the lot and stops, then I see another car in the street stopped in the road sort of canted. I figured maybe these two had an accident. No big deal right? When I pull out, now I see what happened. The guy, Mr. Push a cart, is standing next to the car in the street and his forehead is all bloody. What the….? I make a u-turn and go back to see if I can help. When I get there, I grab my level #1 first aid kit and go up to the guy. Note: I’ll explain more about the first aid kits in a future post(s).

I start putting on a pair of rubber gloves from my kit, get a telfa pad and place it on his forehead and tell him to apply pressure. By now a Burton Police officer is arriving on scene and starts doing his thing. This officer, sees that I’m rendering first aid to the guy and doesn’t try to stop me. He even asks my name. I tell him and also tell him that I’m a Police officer. By now an ambulance is pulling on and I put away my kit and let them have at it.

This is probably my first time having to render first aid to someone in an accident outside of work. I can tell that all the years of experience really helped. The driver of the car. Oooooh wait. I didn’t say what happened right. The driver of the car is pulling onto Bristol eastbound at the same time this guy is crossing the street. She didn’t see him and clips him on his hip with the mirror. He jumps up to try and avoid the car and lands on his head. OUCH. Can you say speed knot. This guy is going to have a killer headache. He appeared to be OK and walked to the ambulance under his own power after they applied a cervical collar.

After he heads off to the ambulance, I check on the lady that was driving the car. She looked fine, but as soon as I ask her if she is ok, she starts panicking a bit. She’s all jittery, but I’ve seen this before. It’s an adrenaline dump due to the accident. I talk to her and try to help calm her down. I ask her if there is someone that can come help her out and she calls her mom. Well mom arrives, collects her daughter and the officer and I shake hands and I’m on my way home.

Not bad for an interesting evening. Just one of those things that you don’t see all the time. All evening I kept wondering. Was I so intrigued with the guy, because I was going to see him after he got hit by a car. Hmmmmm, makes one wonder.

I’ll talk to you next time constant reader and we’ll get back on task. Until then.


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