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I was so nervous for some reason

Not really sure why, specifically. Maybe it was because we haven’t done a show or event for over a month. Maybe it was because, it was a biker centered event which I’m still charting my way through this genre. It could have been all sorts of reasons, but I was a bit anxious about doing the Giant Motorcycle Swap meet in Novi, MI this past weekend.

It started out simple enough, my wife, Amy was going with me. I figured the traffic would be light on Sunday. WRONG!! Lots of construction making 3 lanes, 1 lane. This put us behind by several minutes. We did make it but found ourselves finishing the set-up when the show first started. Note to Self: Get there early and expect traffic problems enroute. I would rather get there early and walk around checking out the other vendors than get there like we did. I can’t complain too much. In the end it all worked out. I’m just anal about being on time and I’m allergic to late.

Next time I will be on time and will also continue with this discussion, Constant Reader.

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