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I wore my bracelet everyday

When I first made my bracelet, that very first one, I used to wear it everyday. I’ll be honest I had hoped someone would ask me about it so that I could talk about what I had made. No one asked 🙁

All the summer of 2011, no one asked me. Maybe it was for the best. The first bracelet I learned how to make was fastened with a twist and an eyelet and would come off all the time. That part I hated. I was worried I may lose it somewhere and not even know. I tried to make it hold tighter but nothing would work.

I did like how I would make the bracelet my size though. I’ve seen people wearing the rubber/silicone bracelet and I liked how they looked. You need to have a thin wrist for that thing. I could get them on but after awhile the fingers would start to tingle and go white. No good for he big fella. I mostly wore it at work and since no one asked about it, they definitely didn’t ask when we went to long sleeves.

I’ll continue on the next one.

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