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I’m at the precipice…time to take a leap.

Picking up after the last entry.

After we talked for a few minutes more, she said that she would buy two (2) for her sister. This had caught me off guard so much, I now had to figure how much to charge. That wasn’t too difficult as I had been researching prices and wanted to come somewhere near the middle. I knew I could produce a quality item that was carefully braided from the best materials, but it is also important to be mindful of the time and expense put in.

Hoping that someone would one day want to buy a bracelet, I began carrying a small bag of samples that I could show people to allow them to customize the coloration in their bracelet. At the time I think I had 4 colors or so.

When I left her office, I was so proud of how things happened. Not so much that I made a sale, but that I resisted the temptation to not say anything to her. This was my leap.

As people who know me can attest, I am a fairly quiet and reserved person. I have my chatty moments, but I have always been more contemplative¬† nature. I am quickly finding in this endeavor, I’ve gotta break waaaaaay out of that box and get better at talking and selling. This is important. I enjoy doing it and I will improve.

See you on the next entry, Constant Reader.


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