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It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This is a new paradigm for me. At the same time it is something that I’ve had a curiosity and interest in. With this business, I have the perfect way to effect a little change and do our part to help those that have been stricken by this debilitating disease.

My wife grew up with a very close neighbor that died in her early thirties due to breast cancer. This happened over 20+ years ago and it still lives in my wife’s heart to this very day. I can imagine a few of you reading these words might have had similar situations with someone close to you. Be it a wife, mother, sister or close friend. It could have even been a man that was affected by the disease. I remember years ago, hearing of the actor, Richard Roundtree speaking on his struggles with the disease.

I feel honored to have an outlet where I feel we can do some good. During the month of October, with any paracord item sale with the Breast Cancer Awareness theme, we will make a donation to the Susan G. Komen, for the Cure Foundation. I’ve researched their website and find their work inspiring. So often, I’ve heard of the cliche of ‘giving back.’ It seems to be a code word to make people feel better about themselves if they have a measure of business and/or financial success. I look at it more as a transference of energy. With the good energy coming me, it is my responsibility to give it back out to the universe in any fashion that feels right to me.

Constant Reader, see where I go from here.

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