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Jumping in head first

My wife, Amy, I heard her telling a few people a week or so ago that when I started doing the paracord bracelets, she thought it was just going to be a hobby. She said she thought it was a hobby until, she could see it becoming a business. That pleased me to hear her say that. Now on to the title of this post.

My wife, who has had many business aspirations but was pretty hands off on this deal for some time. I had shown my children, how to tie the basic stitch for a bracelet, but she didn’t learn until about two weeks ago. And boy did she learn. Once she learned that one, she wanted to know alllllll of them. I didn’t hold her back. Heck maybe she would be better at all the knots than me. Funny thing after she learned how to do all these knots, she had the same experience I did…confusion. Some of the knots are so similar although slightly different, it is easy to get them mixed up. That is why I primarily just worked on a couple of them at a time.

She has had some unique ideas of different paracord jewelry items that would be more geared towards women with a flair for the feminine. I welcome that especially since I probably wouldn’t go down that road anyway. She’s even kicked around the idea of putting something together here on with these concepts in mind.

I welcome her input. She has always had a special place in her heart to serve women and girls and I think she’ll be well received with her designs. This might be an outlet that would work well for her in that regard. I’ll leave it to her to make any announcements. Maybe I can even get her to do a guest post here on TOTJ: Thoughts on the Journey.

I’ll leave it there, Constant Reader. Talk to you next time.

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