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Let’s back up a bit.

Although I do want to go further into the details of the website and how I developed it, I would be remiss if I ignored such an important sequence of events as the first internet sales.

I have put a lot of hours into developing the craft of paracord item making and it is an extremely big deal to me to have people take the time to spend their money without even knowing me. I don’t dismiss the personal sales that I’ve had with people, but it is something quite different to entrust someone, many states away with essentially your money and time. I want their experience to be more than they expected. I want them to leave away with their purchase and feel like the least they could do would be to tell a few people they know about, Jeffrey Washington and his family.

Years ago I sold various things through eBay and had probably 400 or so personal sales that I dealt with. I was primarily selling McFarlane action figures, Scale Honda Goldwing motorcycles and a few other things that I found interesting. It was exhilarating at times to package all the sold items, haul them to the post office or UPS store and see them go off to their next destination. My wife and I had a great experience and I’ve found that has helped me a great deal with this endeavor. I was telling my oldest daughter, Alyssia just this morning that it helped to do those sales as it doesn’t feel so new to me now.

With all that said, each of the first sales, I greatly appreciated. I included a small extra item to both of them as my appreciation. I hope they will enjoy wearing their items and will consider coming back to visit the site and Etsy again. Actually in terms of the Etsy sale, that customer did come back. When I checked my email today I saw that she ordered another Thin Blue/Red line bracelet like she did a week ago. I was very pleased to see this person come back. I imagine that person didn’t like the item or the service they wouldn’t have come back. I look forward to more return customers just like this one.

I’ll see you again next time, Constant Reader. Till then.


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