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Let’s fly the flyer

When I bought the large quantity of paracord, I knew I had to do something with it. If I bought that much cord and enough buckles to match, I would consider myself a fool for not doing something with it. This played in the back of my mind over and over.

One day I came home and looked over the flyer that I had been working on. I thought the flyer looked pretty good, but I had to fight that self doubt that wanted so badly to creep in. After I tweaked it all it needed, I recall sitting in front of my computer and looking at it over and over. I then pushed the buttons to print out a few copies. I figured what did I have to loose. If no one was interested in the bracelet, it would hurt, but at least I would know. If I didn’t put up the flyer, I would always be angry with myself for not doing what I knew I should do. So up on the walls they go.

Now let me explain a small dynamic at my job that I have seen occur several times over the 25+ years I have been working here. Whenever someone puts up a flyer for something they are either selling or for a union position they are running for, if the person isn’t well respected, there will be all sorts of comments written on the flyer. The comments could be derogatory or supportive, but it is definitely a non-scientific way of getting a general opinion about someone’s reputation from the masses so to speak. I went back and forth on whether or not I should laminate the flyers. I decided not to and let the flyers “fly”.

Next time I’ll tell you how the flying flyers went. See you then Constant Reader.

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