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My Paracord Story

I thought I would write a bit of how this venture into the world of paracord started. I imagine I’ll write about this over the course of several posts. For me it has been a tremendous experience and I’ve learned a lot of things about business. Many of the things that I’ve experienced in other business ventures have come to play in this endeavor and that has been rewarding as well. Even some of the things that may have felt like failures at the time have turned out to be an experience to broaden my knowledge.

Years ago I sold a few things on eBay and learned a lot about customer service and doing all that is possible to make things right with the customer. I’m not talking about that whole, “The customer is always right” thing. I’m speaking more about taking your brand, your reputation and doing everything in your power to make an experience with my business as pleasurable for both sides as possible.

As I do this I’m learning along the way. Making a few mistakes, listening to my gut on many things and so far having a few great successes. I’ll speak more on it later, but the thing I’ve liked the most about this business besides taking a few strands of rope and turning them into jewelry but seeing so many people wearing them has been truly humbling.

I’ll continue further on the next one.

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