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Not all plans work out.

Along with commemorating a significant event in this endeavor, I had an idea, that maybe some of the very positive comments I got from people that bought paracord items, was that maybe I could transform them into testimonials for an upcoming website. I made up this real nice letter and bought envelopes and went down my list of customers and sent out about 50 to 70 letters. I asked everyone to email me their story of their purchase or feelings about the bracelet or other item or write it down on the letter and return it to me. I sent those letters out and then it happened. Wait for it…wait. BAMMM. Nothing. Not one. NADA. Goose Egg. No one sent or emailed me anything. At first I was quite bummed, then I realized I better get back to work if I want this business to do something.

I want to make sure to put this information out along with the positive. There is no way that all plans will be linear and work perfectly. I expect that and try to look at every setback as a learning experience. This was definitely one. It wasn’t the worst thing that could happen, but it is one of those things that can be humbling and remind me that I have a lot to learn. On the other side, it still was a good idea. The fact that it didn’t work out doesn’t mean I made a mistake. Perhaps I should have followed up with some of the people that spoke so highly of the bracelets. I will continue to listen and learn from all the aspects of this endeavor.

I’ll see you next time, Constant Reader.

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