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Paracord hurt me this time

Hurt me?

What is Jeffrey talking about? Is this the same guy that has built a small growing business around paracord? Well yes, it is.

The other day was my wife’s (Amy’s) birthday. Unofficially she is 29 and holding, officially she is…wait for it…crickets, I’m not telling you. Well anyway, this is that one weekend every six years when her birthday landed on a Saturday so the fun was on. I asked her what she would like to do, because whether she admits it or not she is rather picky. Did I say picky,  I meant specifiic. Sorry honey.

One of the things she wanted to do was to go to one of these Zap Zone places, where there is a bunch of things to do for kids of all ages. Go Karts on an indoor track, mini bowling, even bumper cars. The type surrounded by the giant inflated tube so we all bounce off of each other. We took our kids to this place, which is about an hour from our home a time or two. Well she wanted to go, so off we went. You know how it goes, on her birthday, it’s all about her.

Alright back to the topic of how my bracelet hurt me. One of the things we did was to play Laser Tag. Perhaps some of you have played this many times but this was the first time for us. She was a bit reluctant because she thought she would get shot quick and be out of the game. Once the attendant said no one gets knocked out of the game, she was ready. Well we get the briefing on how the thing works and frankly it seemed like too many rules. Push this button, recharge here, shoot only the other team, etc. Just before we started our youngest, Jorden said he couldn’t remember all the instructions on the briefing video. Neither could I so I just said, point and shoot.

Well we all get suited, or vested up and the game begins. I’m going around, blasting everyone. I’m pieing the corners, checking my six, using all my best tactical police stuff. Jorden was mostly hanging with me and we all had a blast. There was another couple of families in there as well and it was great. We must do it again one day.

When we first went in the room for the briefing with the blacklights, I could see that my U of M jersey that I like to wear to root for the Wolverines was glowing where all the bright yellow and white were. My bracelet, which matched the jersey was glowing neon as well under the lights. I was glowing like a christmas tree. A tactical no no. My wife on the other hand was like a stealth ninja. She was dressed in plum and black and had nothing glowing. She blended right in to the darkness like a shadow coming around the corner. Hey, I wanted to be like that. Oh well.

So to end a long story. If any of you have a desire to do laser tag, take my word for it. It’s sort of dark and foggy and they use black lights. If you want to blend in, don’t wear white or yellow and leave you matching paracord bracelet in the car. In this game stealth is very important and birthday girl showed me that without even knowing it.

Happy Birthday sweetheart. Next time…I’ll be ready.


See you next time constant reader.

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