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Sleep deprivation

I’ve heard so many things when it comes to sleep and business. Donald Trump on his show the The Apprentice always gives the contestants a challenge that will force them to lose some sleep. Even on the American Idol show, in the beginning right after the try-outs, there is always a group competition that forces them to stay up most of the night and work on routine including choreography and music that they will need to perform the next morning in front of the judges. This exercise usually always stresses out a few of the contestants beyond their limits.

I write this thinking about myself. Yesterday, I was sleepy the entire day and had no opportunity to take a nap or anything. Now I’m not some old geezer that must put on his sweater jacket like Mr. Rogers and take a nice couple hour nap everyday. Just every once in a while sleep deprivation catches up with me.

For those that know me personally, I’m pretty much known as a laid back guy. Really LAID back. It’s just always been my way. Now don’t confuse laid back with lazy. I like to stay busy most all the time. It might not always be physical labor, but I’m always, reading, learning, doing something. Because I’m always a little deprived in the area of sleep, I rarely lay down until it is bed time. I’m like a guy I heard talking about sharks. I’m always moving about because if I stop for too long, it’s over. Sleep city.

I’ve always also been an early bird. I’ve worked the day shift for a lot of years and actually enjoy getting up at 5am. The quiet of the morning and watching the world wake up has always been appealing to me. All is good unless I want or need to stay up a little late. Heck for me late is 12 midnight. The hard part is if I go to sleep late, I still wake up early between 5 or 6am. I function pretty well on 6 to 7 hours of sleep, but I’m like a mummy with only 3 or 4.

Hey now that I think of it, I’m depriving myself of sleep writing this. Goodnight, Constant Reader.

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