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So you’ve got a paracord bracelet…now what?

If you are anything like me, you ‘ve probably heard of all the amazing things that can be done with a paracord bracelet. Personally I like how I can take some raw material and tie a few knots and voila. But I must say in my mind this is just the beginning. I believe we must go deeper with our preparedness. We must round out our systems and do all that we are personally and financially able to do to be ready for lifes inevitable moments, be they good or bad.

So now you have a dozen feet, plus or minus, of rope on your wrist. What do you do if the lights go out. Do you have a knife to cut that cord. 550# test is just that…tough as nails. There is no way anyone is ever going to be able to tear this stuff, like maybe I could with jute twin or something.


For those of you that have been followers of The Nutnfancy Project (TNP), you know what’s coming next. Often the host of the show, who goes by the screen name of Nutnfancy, does a gear check on guys when he meets them.

It’s not a lot of stuff, but it all has its importance. Most of the items are based on EDC or everyday carry items. What is my gear check like on most given days. Well, let me see. Keys, wallet, badge wallet, chapstick, multi-tool (Leatherman Juice S2), flashlight (Streamlight Protac 2AA), Knife (a few choices to choose from) and firearm(s)(?),(Not going to tell you). Oh yeah I forgot about the main thing that this article is about in the first place paracord. I always have one of my bracelets. That gives me about 9-10 ft. of cord with a 550# tensile strength. If I remove the inner strands and use them individually, I have 7 more strands of the same length, each with a tensile strength of 50# each.

Perhaps this sounds like a lot to you but it isn’t too heavy. It gives me a lot of capability. Many times I’ve gone into a dark place or have had to look in  dark place and the flashlight is indespensable. Many people think a light isn’t necessary in the day time, but one thing I’ve found about my job as a police officer is that it is extremely easy to end up in somewhere that is darker than expected.

Having a good multi-tool has proven useful countless times as well. From the need to screw or unscrew something, or cut something with the small scissors, I never want to be caught without it.

Well, I’ve succeeded. A bit of food for thought for you. Do your own gear check and see how you fare.

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