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Talk about taking a chance

I went to one of the supervisor of our 911 center. I showed her a flyer for the specific coloration that I made up for our dispatch. They are affiliated with the police and fire departments, so I added both colors to their paracord items. She really like that bracelets and offered to put up a couple flyers and she bought a bracelet as well. As a matter of fact, she said she was thinking about searching through the internet on how to make the bracelets, but since I was making them, she figured she would just support me. I thought that was very kind.

She asked me if I had done the same and presented a flyer to the fire department or their stations. I told her that was next on my list. She said why don’t you speak to _____. I’ll leave his name out, but he is the assistant fire chief. Doh!!! I didn’t even think about this guy even though we have known each other by name for a number of years. We walked upstairs and went to his office area.

I showed him what I had and what he told me astounded me.

Next time I’ll fill you in Constant Reader.

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