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The day before the first show

Before I move on to the new topic at hand. That gentleman did go to the conference and he returned home. Once we were able to hook up, he sold, 5 bracelets. To me that was excellent. He also said the turnout at the Seattle show, wasn’t what he expected. He thought it would be like in the past, where they have a fairly elaborate expo and many people and business are selling items. For some reason they didn’t have that type of expo according to him. He thought he would be able to sell a few there. Either way, I am eternally grateful for what he did and if he ever catches these words I want him to know that.

OK, the show. As I’m writing this, I’m sleepy. I’ve put in lots of hours of hard work once I found out about this show. I want to do my best to be as prepared as I can and look like a professional business, not just some guy with a table, hocking his wares. I plan to bring my 3 kids, along with me. I figure as I’m learning about business, they can come along and learn with me. I’m not afraid of making mistakes in front of them. I long ago heard a statement from Melvin Van Peebles, speaking on the importance of letting your children see you do well and see you make mistakes. They watch how you handle, triumph and defeat and glean what character is in the face of differing circumstances.

I’m excited and anxious. Did I make enough items? Will everything work out for the most part? Will my children enjoy the experience. So many questions. But as I’ve lived and been a part of various events that take planning and a lot of work, few of them work out exactly the way you need. You have to improvise, adapt and overcome. I’ll add another verb to that: decide. Many times a myriad of decisions will need to be made. It’s on my shoulders and I have to decide. I may get input from others, but the important is to not be afraid to make a decision. It may not always be the best choice, but moving forward is just that; moving forward. There is no movement without a decision.

The next time we talk, Constant Reader, my first show will be over and I’ll let you know how it all worked out. See you then.

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