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The Flyers are up and running

As the title says the flyers are up. About 5 or 6 in total. The response is fairly lukewarm to start. When I checked my flyers, there were a couple comments written on them. One I initially took offense to and I’ll admit, I replaced that flyer with a new one. It had a comment about there isn’t any pride in the profession. It was eluding to a passage on the flyer where I encourage officers to show the pride in their profession.

At times my police people have bad days. Sometimes those bad days can run into weeks, or months or longer. Law Enforcement is for the most part a thankless job and many officers aren’t exactly loved by the masses. Some of that is going on in my department. We are about 33% of the force we were around 10 years ago. Most of that has been budget cuts, through lay-offs and attrition. Though I didn’t like the comment, I can relate to it. It wasn’t negative towards me anyway. You can call be crazy but there is a little part of me that hopes some morale might have gotten even the slightest boost by my bracelets. I won’t belabor this point so I’ll move on.

Although I described the above comment scribbled on the flyer, for the most part there hasn’t been any comments placed on the flyers. I really appreciate that and take it as a sign of respect from my colleagues. This is nothing I take for granted and is actually indicative of the person I’ve always been at work: me. I don’t try to impress and I always make every effort to be positive. I believe it has all has been meant for good.

As I said the response was pretty lukewarm in the beginning, and then something happened. I’m not sure if it was one of the first people that bought them or something else, but it seemed like everyone wanted to buy one. I mean everyone. Every evening I would go home to make more bracelets and the next day, I would sell most of what I had and then get a few more orders for sizes that I ran out of. I was at times overwhelmed, but this was a good thing. So many people were giving me tips and suggestions and referring people to me. Within a month or so I had gone from selling those very first ones to passing a milestone of my 100th bracelet.

Tune in next time and I’ll explain what I did to commemorate this event. Take care Constant Reader.


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