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The “Thin Blue Line” slowly creeps in

Over the course of the colder months I continued wearing my bracelet and even learned to make the “Thin Blue Line” type. I really liked how it looked and started wearing one at work. As I said in the last post, when I was wearing long sleeves and jackets no one noticed. I started making up a flyer that I thought about putting up in my police station. What really happened is that I kept talking myself out of doing it. Now granted I didn’t have much reason to think that people would like it since no one had seen it. Looking back on this it has reminded me that I should believe in myself and put doubt to the wayside. So what if something doesn’t work. I once heard a quote about Thomas Edison when someone asked him was it painful to fail so much. He said that what he found was 10,000 ways not to do something.

I’m paraphrasing as you can probably tell, but the gist of that, is failure is part of the process and as my wife Amy has reminded me many times, I should trust the process. Sadly I probably talked myself out of putting up the flyer from September 2011 to mid-March 2012.

More on the next one.

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