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There are a few steps I left out, Part II

I’ve always enjoyed writing and personally feel I have a little talent in it. It comes fairly easy for me, but I did yearn for something that was more tangible and hands on. I don’t like feeling so attached to a journal or the computer that I can’t get out and live life. To see the outdoors and experience a beautiful day and the company of some good people from time to time.

My very first site was a site. I liked it but once I found that the company could pull the plug on all the work that I had written and that it wasn’t good to do an e-commerce site on it  I began looking for another alternative. I’ve read in many places, and I have to agree, if you are putting together a site and are planning to make a good go of it, it is imperative to do a couple things. Buy your own domain name and purchase some hosting. Neither is relatively expensive, nor are they cost prohibitive. I went through to get my domain(s). My wife suggested them and I find their prices to be very competitive. I got hosting through I’ve used them for a couple years now and find their product and service to work just fine for me. NOTE: In the spirit of full disclosure, I do have an affiliate account with Hostgator. If you click on the link below and ultimately purchase their product, I will get a commission.

 This will take you right to hostgator for domains and hosting packages.
We’ll continue with the next step, next time; Constant Reader.

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