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They loved them.

I forgot to tell a funny part to the story. When I made up the letters to give to both the, let’s call them firsters, I gave the first officer one. He began reading it and I start to wonder why is it taking him so long. Then he asks is this your daughter? What? I mixed up the letters and her, the other firster was at the top of the page. Dooooh!! I blamed it on my invisible staff and ran to get the real one. Double Dooooh!

When I presented them with there packages, they loved them. They were surprised of the extras that were included. I told them that I thanked and appreciated them for giving me my start and I thought they were worth it. A couple days later, several people tell me they saw them wearing their items, proudly. That…made me smile. That also brings me to what I have enjoyed the most in this endeavor. Seeing so many people wearing and enjoying them. I didn’t expect how much that would mean to me. It made me think about how a designer must feel when someone wears their items, but even better. Because this was a jewelry type item, people were wearing them everyday. It’s so difficult to describe how much joy comes from going into a room and seeing perhaps 75% of the people wearing your item. I feel honored each and every time I see someone sporting something that I made.

OK, back to what happened when I got a call from the sheriff’s deputies. Well as you can guess I went by to see my guy. He pointed me to a couple deputies that wanted the bracelets. I took a small bag of them out and WOOMP. It was like flies on honey. All of a sudden a bunch of other deputies came around wanting to look at them. Several of them were throwing money on the counter and trying on different bracelets as I had a lot of sizes. It was hard to keep track of everything, but I managed. A few of them didn’t have any cash and asked if I could stop by then next day. It was overwhelming but I loved it.

I was also happy that many of them loved the coloration/design I made especially for the Sheriff’s Deputy. Next time I’ll discuss that a bit further.

Stay tuned Constant Reader.


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