Thin Yellow Gold Line Dispatchers Call Takers 911 Call Center Operators Paracord Survival Bracelet

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Bracelet - Thin Yellow Gold Line Dispatchers Call Takers 911 Call Center Operators


A great way to show pride in your chosen profession of Public Safety or your general support for those brave men and women that protect each and everyone of us daily.

What does the "Thin Yellow Line "Only" Dispatch Call Takers stand for:

The Yellow Line signifies the dispatchers and 911 Center Staff. This design was suggested by one of our great customers, Mary Beth.

The Black background is a constant reminder of our fallen brothers and sisters in law enforcement and the fire service.

The lines are what Public Safety protects. The barrier between tyranny and a civilized society. Between order and chaos. Between respect for decency and lawlessness.

***MEASURMENT***When making a bracelet purchase please send me your exact wrist size. I will not be able to process your order until I have your wrist size. I would admonish you not to depend on the size of other bracelets you may own, i.e., gold, silicone, etc.

Paracord is a fairly thick medium and I will add a predetermined amount of length to your wrist size to provide for a comfortable fit and the thickness of the cord.

A good way to measure you wrist is to wrap a piece of string around your wrist, mark it and then compare the string on a ruler. Please send your measurements in Inches.