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Time to take a bit of a plunge in the deep end

I took my friends suggestion and went to one of the supervisors that has been an integral part of the police activities associated with the Bikes on the Bricks program. The thought came to me as I was going to work that morning. Perhaps it would be a good idea to get addresses to past participants that may be coming to the police training aspect of the Bikes on the Bricks and send them a flyer and/or card showing my bracelets and reminding them that they can inquire with me if they are interested. Sounds good right?

Well when I get to the office, this same supervisor, tells me he needs to get another bracelet for someone he spoke with at one of the local coffee shops downtown. This is a perfect segue.

So I tell him my idea and before I could finish it he stops me and…I’ll continue next time Constant Reader. Take Care.

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