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Trickles here and there

After I sold the first two, the very next day, a couple other co-workers, said they saw them and wanted one. Of course I was happy to help them out.

Around this time one of my co-workers, another police officer, asked me about my “Thin Blue Line” bracelet. I told him that I made them and was considering selling them. He asked to buy one right away. The next day when I saw him again, he said he needed another one for his wife and maybe one for his daughter. Once again after they got their bracelets, I see him another day and he says he needs one for his sister-in-law, father-in-law, and I think his mother-in-law. Within one week he needed about six of them. He also told me that a lot of other officers were asking about his bracelet and he was telling them to contact me. Now this is all before I put up one flyer.

Now around this time, I decide to make a purchase of 2000′ of paracord from my supplier and a bunch of buckles. Back to that talk about the flyer…this was a heck of an incentive to get off my arse [sic] and walk outside of that box and do something different. At least different for me. Come by next time and see what I did.

Talk to you soon, Constant Reader.

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