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We’re all teachers

I truly believe the title. We are all teachers in some form or another. We can teacher others, intentionally or passively. We can even teach ourselves a thing or two from time to time.

I used to wonder how that happens. The answer I came up with is that our minds, the unconscious parts of our minds, remembers everything that we’ve experienced in our lives. Not just the things that we pay attention to but the mundane details that seem trivial or insignificant. Our subconscious mind can process a large amount of things that our conscious mind frankly doesn’t even pay attention to. I believe that is how we can teach ourselves things.

I bet you’ve had an experience like I have. You might be sitting somewhere and think about something; a question that you have been pondering perhaps. All of a sudden an answer to that very questions presents itself and it feels right to you. Without even researching if the answer is correct you know. You know in your gut that the answer is correct. That is, I believe, how we teach ourselves things or skills.

We can also teach others. Be that directly or indirectly. A lesson can be learned from most of our life’s experiences. That is a big reason why I am writing this. I want to for nostalgia sake be able to look back at the journey and see how far I have come. If, along the way, someone can read my words and take a lesson from my experiences, good and bad, that would be wonderful. I have done that with others; learned lessons from their challenges and zeniths. Perhaps I can do that same thing for someone else. My way of giving back to the universe I suppose.

We’ll see where it goes from here Constant Reader.

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