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A couple interesting happenings on the way to 1000 items sold Part II

Well she wrote back saying that, they’d just voted on it and decided to go with the order, but now they needed 400 key fobs instead of 350. That’s Great. Then it hits me 400 is a lot. We’ve never done that many before. I’m starting to wonder if I have enough materials, etc. All the thoughts and mild panic are creeping into my mind.

Well we get going and start placing the necessary orders for raw materials. I also decide to ask her for clarification on how they are going to give these away at a convention or something. When she writes back she tells me that they are to give to the other deputies at the correctional facility to help them deal with the 4 co’s that have taken their lives in the past year. WOW. That set me back.

It all seems so much more important. I decide to set my team (family) down and tell them the details that I just learned. I imagine that someone just might be thinking about ending their life and perhaps looks down and sees the key chain and it reminds them that they aren’t alone and many of their co-workers are going through similar circumstances.

Next time we’ll finish up on this story.

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