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A funny thing happened with a recent order

There’s a funny story that goes along with this picture. The other day I received an order for a bracelet. Later that same evening I received an email from the person that placed the order, stating that they made a mistake on the size and wondered if I could change it to a smaller size. No problem, I wrote back. The next day I surprisingly get an order for the smaller size bracelet, with the same ship to address. Same person, second order right? WRONG.

We start exchanging a few emails and I refund the first (incorrect size) order. This was being purchased for this persons sibling as a gift. Now this person is wondering why am I sending back the money. I explain that I had two orders and was just cancelling the incorrect one. My customer and I are both confused at this point.

Well, long story short. This person ordered a bracelet for their sibling and at the sibling bought one for themselves. About 10 emails later, we all figured it out and went through our “Twilight Zone” moment so to speak. Both siblings thought it was funny and ironic. It was also a sweet gesture on the first customer’s part.

I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there. (In my Larry the Cable guy voice). What do you think?


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