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Bikes on the Bricks…the first show.

The day before the show, my wife drops a bit of a bomb on me. It was good though. She made up a great logo design about a week prior and put it on a T-shirt for us to wear at the Bikes on the Bricks event. It looked awesome and after we all gave her the go ahead, she made up shirts for all of us, even her to wear. To add to that, Amy decided to tag along and go with us on the first day. I was extremely happy to have her. Frankly I was so anxious I probably needed her.

Well we get to the surface lot where the officer’s are going to be practicing, but I don’t see the Flint Police Motor Unit trailer.  We wait around a bit and eventually find that initial supervisor that I spoke to and a couple other people on the event committee that I work with. The point me to a spot in the lot, next to there food tent and we begin setting up there.

A few firsts were in play here as well. First time being at an event like this or at all. First time setting up our collapsible canopy. First time selling my creations on a larger scale.

As I talk with the guys from earlier, they tell me that today(Friday) I can set up in the lot, but they give me a couple suggestions on setting up the next day or two for the official event, Bikes on the Bricks. I was also told that the motor unit trailer, will be on the main thoroughfare, Saginaw St., with a suggestion of maybe setting up right there with them the next day. As you can imagine, I’m trying to take all this in and feeling a little bit like a fish out of the water. There are people putting up large commercial tents and it all feels more official than I imagined. I’ve never done this before and am so far small potatoes. So what am I doing here? The answer I kept coming back to, is that I’m working on building a business. I’ve also got that quote from Eleanor Roosevelt rolling around my head of doing something every day that frightens you. Well here I am, a bit frightened. My family is with me and I don’t want to look stupid in front of them or waist there precious time as well.

Tune in next time to see what happened next, Constant Reader.

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