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Day one is in the books. Now on to day two.

Now this was interesting. We get to the downtown area, early, while all the vendors are setting up. I speak with the lady that is going to be selling the Flint Police Mounted Unit T-Shirts from their trailer, and speak with her briefly and ask her if she minds if I set up in the front of her trailer. Of course she says yes. So we get to it.

A short time later, a tall fellow walks up and says his name is Bob. He asks if I’m with the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Group and I tell him that I’m affiliated with the Flint Police Mounted Unit, and was told by a committee member that I could set up next to the trailer. He gives me a strange look, like maybe I’m making all this up while we are talking. He asks me who told me that. So, I give him  a couple names and tell him that we were set up on the surface lot the previous day. Well he recognizes the name and just sort of talks out loud about how that person wasn’t supposed to do that. He says he needs to talk with his wife first, who is the person in charge of the vendors, to make sure it is OK for me to set up. As soon as he briefs her, she comes over and maybe she didn’t see red, but she definitely saw a shade of pink. She said that I wasn’t the only one that was told something like that by other people. Well at least I’m not the only ‘bootleg’ on the Bricks. 🙂

During the whole time that I’m talking to the both of them, I wasn’t nervous. Not because I knew people in high places, but because, neither of them started out saying that I couldn’t set up. They were just trying to figure out how I could do it. That I am so grateful for. There was a chance, however fleeting to get it done and I held hope that it would.

They do a bunch of checking and tell me that I can set up, but I might not be in the same place on Sunday if I come. I give them my eternal thanks and move to a more proper spot that they point out on the other side of the trailer. Bob even moves his motorcycle to accommodate us. What a guy.

On the next entry we will discuss further what happened on the official first day of the event. See you then, Constant Reader.

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