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Getting ready for the next event

As I write this, it is just past 10:00pm and I’m putting items away from theĀ  mock table display that I set up in our dining room. For the past week, I set up and made various changes to how our table will be set up on this coming Saturday. I’m not sure if I detailed it but we are doing an event at a local Biker church that is hosting a Breast Cancer Awareness Ride.

It really helped to have our first event to be relatively large, multi-day event. Not that it made this setup simple, but it is a lot easier to put things together for one afternoon than it is to make sure we have provisions and inventory for three days. I’m looking forward to seeing what this experience will bring. In addition to it being my first, it is the first event of this type for this church as well. We will allĀ  be learning about the experience on tomorrow.

I always feel like I didn’t make up enough items. All day I’ve had to remind myself that we do have the ability to make up items for people and we can always either take orders, that can be fulfilled later or direct them to the website.

At the Back to the Bricks, there was one lady, that wanted a black bracelet with neon yellow stripe. We didn’t have one at the time and I encouraged her to go to the website and remind me that I’d spoken with her. I even measured her wrist so that we would be set on that end as well. I wanted to really help her out, but as I’ve said in previous posts, we were completely swamped on that last day. I just didn’t think it prudent to take an order and have no real time frame I could give her to return. In hindsight, I wish I would have taken her order. I could have made the bracelet, which I actually did, and sent it to her. I wish she would contact me about the bracelet. It’s not just about the money or the sale. I really like seeing the pleased look on peoples faces when they wear our items. Perhaps the universe will direct her our way. I really think she would love the bracelet. I do.

Next time, Constant Reader, I’ll tell you how things went.


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