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Local Football team gets geared up!!

Around Labor Day of 2013, my brother contacted me and said that a friend of his who is a coach of a local High School football team wanted to equip all of his team with our bracelets. My brother told me the guy saw a bracelet he was wearing last year and showed some interest. Apparently now he wants to make it happen.

The order started out with 16 bracelets and was increased to a total of 21, all medium blue and black. Team “W” and I got to work and banged them out in a few days.

On September 6th, I stopped by the teams practice and presented the bracelets to the team with the coach.  As he spoke to the team, he explained that he wanted to give these as a gift and a symbol of his love for them. He called them “Warrior Bands”. I love it.

All the young men seemed to like them and I was honored to have been a part of such an experience. No pics of the team as yet, you know, permissions are needed from parents to publish pictures, but here are a few pictures of the hard work we’ve put in.

Genesee Warriors Order             IMG_20130905_220055_340_zps53ae989c[1]

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