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Our 500th paracord item sold

It was a crisp, cloudy day. The air was heavy with anticipation and we were getting close. Close to what. Wait for it. The sale of our 500th paracord item. This happened some time ago, but in all the frenzy I forgot to post anything about it.

In many companies this may not be that significant of an event. Five hundred sales of any product is not all that big in the larger scheme of things in the business world. For us it was a big deal. A very big one. I had began keeping track of the sales of our paracord items from the very beginning for obvious reasons: tax time. I didn’t want to have to track down receipts and other paperwork when it was time to file my taxes. The benefit that offered was that I kept records of all the sales, which helped me to know the progress.

We were in the throngs of several weekend shows and before each show I would check where we were in relation to the number. This one particular show, I knew we were only about 4 sales from the big number. I told the family so that we would all pay attention and not miss it. Sounds simple right? Not really.

It took a while on this particular day, a Sunday, for the sales to begin. The crowd was a bit sparse which allowed us some time to talk with some of our fellow vendors. A few of them bought some paracord items, so I was keeping a watchful eye. Well I got to talking to my friend Ken and our daughter Ashley taps me on the shoulder and says she thinks this is the one. Of course I excuse myself from Ken and double check and what do you know, it was. Before that we had decided to make a bunch of noise and surprise whoever it was. That is exactly what happened. We made a bunch of noise, with all the shouting and strobes lights and stuff. Just had a lot of fun with it. She was shocked and didn’t know what was going on at first. We even allowed her to pick up anything that we had for sale with our compliments.

She is actually an author. She was selling her book “Reflections in a Broken Mirror” and her name is Melanie Drake.


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